Pallavi Chhikara

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In India, Information and Communication technology (ICT) is being leveraged as a modernization tool in almost every sector of economy such as health, education, and transportation. But when we consider the agricultural scenario in the Indian context, we realise that the ICT remains to be exploited to accrue its invaluable benefits. In recent times, the(More)
In India, Information and Communication technologies (ICT) are being increasingly deployed in almost each sector of economy including media, health, agriculture, transportation, and education. Upon an analysis of the existing Indian Election Voting System, it is felt that the ICT remains to be exploited to its fullest potential. Although, the Election(More)
Software defined networks (SDN) are an emerging technology that is being increasingly adopted by various network operators. These technologies provide new services and powerful analytics that help to transform the network and unfasten its intelligence to serve today's business demands. This paper briefs about the need for change in the current networking(More)
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