Pallavi B. Pawar

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Lactobacillus helveticus, grown at 37°C in MRS medium supplemented with 3 mM cholesterol, assimilated all the cholesterol in 42 h having 68 U mg−1 of intracellular cholesterol oxidase activity. The strain transformed 1 g cholesterol to 0.05 g of androsta-1, 4-diene-3, 17-dione and 0.04 g of androst-4-ene-3, 17 dione within 48 h at 37°C with extracellular(More)
Molecular dissection of apomixis - an asexual reproductive mode - is anticipated to solve the enigma of loss of meiotic sex, and to help fixing elite agronomic traits. The Brassicaceae genus Boechera comprises of both sexual and apomictic species, permitting comparative analyses of meiotic circumvention (apomeiosis) and parthenogenesis. Whereas previous(More)
This study describes changes observed in the near-infrared (NIR) diffuse reflectance (DR) spectra of pharmaceutical tablets after these tablets were subjected to different levels of strain (exposure to shear) during the mixing process. Powder shearing is important in the mixing of powders that are cohesive. Shear stress is created in a system by moving one(More)
This study describes how the strain on formulation components affects dissolution and how near infrared spectroscopy can be used to predict dissolution. Strain (exposure to shear stress) applied during powder mixing affects the interaction between formulation components. Particles experience shear strain when they move relative to each other in a process(More)
A method for predicting dissolution profiles of directly compressed tablets for a fixed sustained release formulation manufactured in a continuous direct compaction (CDC) system is presented. The methodology enables real-time release testing (RTRt). Tablets were made at a target drug concentration of 9% Acetaminophen, containing 90% lactose and 1% Magnesium(More)
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