Pallabi Ghosh

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Image content or metadata editing software availability and ease of use has resulted in a high demand for automatic image tamper detection algorithms. Most previous work has focused on detection of tampered image content, whereas we develop techniques to detect metadata tampering in outdoor images using sun altitude angle and other meteorological(More)
There are various methods available in the literature for improving the visual quality of an image. Contrast enhancement of an image by histogram equalization is one such technique. But histogram equalization alone results in data loss and also the mean brightness of the resultant output image approaches to the middle gray level. In this paper, the edge(More)
Introduction Many researches in computer vision have been focused on developing algorithms to accurately determine depth maps. In stereo vision, a pair of cameras at two different locations capture a left and a right image which are slightly different images of the same scene. Due to different locations of the cameras, a 3D point will show up at different(More)
—In this paper we consider the problem of creating the best group picture by capturing multiple group pictures. We discuss two different ways to go back and forth between different frames of a sequence of images to let the user choose the best face for each person and thus make the picture perfect. The first algorithm corrects for camera motion using(More)
Cheap and readily available storage systems help us gather hundreds of terabytes of data everyday. This information can be analyzed to understand and predict radical human behavior and actions in order to mitigate loss of lives and property. We propose using machine learning method on CCTV, audio, and geotagged Twitter data to identify suspicious persons(More)
Depth estimation using stereoscopy can be done by comparing the relative positions of the same (point) object displayed in the two different images captured by two cameras. Quantization errors that follow a square law with respect to distance are one of the errors that arise during depth estimation. The solution to limit this error is to use a multi camera(More)
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