Pallabi Bhattacharya

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A pilot study of 29 patients for research on clinical depression employed the framework of cultural epidemiology to examine illness-related experience, meaning, behaviour with a Bengali version of the explanatory Model Interview Catalogue (EMIC). This report examined patterns of distress and stigma with reference to the most troubling patient-specified(More)
Rapid technological advancements are leading to a continuous reduction in integrated chip sizes. An additional steady increase in the chip density is resulting in device performance improvements as well as severely complicating the fabrication process. The interconnection of all the components on a chip, known as routing, is done in two phases: the global(More)
BACKGROUND Recent brain imaging and electrophysiological studies have consistently shown dysfunction of the fronto-striatal thalamic pathways in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). AIM To study the relationship of neuropsychological disposition with the executive functions and cognitive style in patients with OCD. METHODS Twenty OCD(More)
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