Palghat Vaidyanathan

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A new implementation of an IIR digital filter transfer function is presented that is structurally passive and, hence, has extremely low pass-band sensitivity. The structure is based on a simple parallel interconnection of two all-pass sections, with each section implemented in a structurally lossless manner. The structure shares a number of properties in(More)
An investigation was made to exploit an innovative tool viz., thermosensitive genic male sterile (TGMS) system in twoline inter-subspecies rice hybrids using 132 hybrids involving four TGMS lines viz., TS15, TS16, TS18 and TS29 and thirty three testers viz., 17 indicas, 7 japonicas and 9 javanicas by line × tester method at Paddy Breeding Station, Tamil(More)
namics software (CFD) was used to calculate natomical differences on flow resistance and inspiratory flow rates. Two types of models e segmented images. (1) Area-length curves of sopharynx through the epiglottis were used to tric flow models. These models were used to rea variation of flow resistance and pressure. e segmented 3D reconstruction were created,(More)
The small-signal conductance technique was extended to extract asymmetric source/drain parasitic resistances. It was also applied in order to analyze the t<sub>WR</sub> delay of DRAM cell transistors in production and to develop a non-planar cell transistor such as recessed access device (RAD) for low-power DRAM cells. Factors limiting the drive current for(More)
Reduction of electrical parameter variation is essential to achieve high yield and reliability in semiconductor devices. However, variation depends on a large number of process factors, which are often interdependent. In this work, well-calibrated Technology Computer-Aided-Design process and device simulations were performed in a designed experiment to(More)
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