Palghat Vaidyanathan

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A new implementation of an IIR digital filter transfer function is presented that is structurally passive and, hence, has extremely low pass-band sensitivity. The structure is based on a simple parallel interconnection of two all-pass sections, with each section implemented in a structurally lossless manner. The structure shares a number of properties in(More)
The concepts of losslessness and maximum available power are basic to the lowsensitivity properties of doubly terminated lossless networks of the continuous-time domain. Based on similar concepts , we develop a new theory for lowsensitivity discrete-time filter structures. The mathematical setup for the development is the bounded-real property of transfer(More)
The well-known Richards' Theorem of the continuous-time filter theory is reformulated in the digital domain in a convenient manner, leading to a simple derivation of cascaded lattice digital filter structures, realizing lossless bounded transfer functions. The theorem is also extended to the matrix case, leading to a derivation of m-input p-output cascaded(More)
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