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Distribution of gene markers of blood groups (ABO, RH, MN, KEL, and FY), erythrocyte enzymes (SOD-A and 6-PGD) and serum proteins (Hp, Gc, Tf, and ChE2) was studied in 10 ethnographic and geographic groups of Komis. Some of the groups studied differ significantly in the allele frequencies--B-ABO (0.163-0.289), Fy alpha (0.496-0.693), K (0.018-0.076)--and in(More)
The C5 component of ChE2 (locus E2) of human serum is not an autosomal dominant trait. This component is a part of the group of isozymes C5-10 which can be detected by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in acid medium (pH 4.8). The new electrophoretic data show that polymorphism of ChE2 is determined rather by a pair of autosomal codominant alleles called(More)
All the genetic types of amylase I (AmI) and amylase II (AmII) known for the species Bos taurus are encountered in the Kholmogorskaya breed of cattle. Besides the two alleles, AmIB and AmIC found in all the other European breeds of cattle the locus in the Kholmogorskaya breed also includes a rare allele AmI-A hitherto considered to be characteristic only of(More)
The allele frequencies of LDH-A* locus were studied in the populations of Siberian grayling from the Kozhym River (Pechora basin) and in the population of European grayling from Pechora, Mezen', and Vym' rivers (Northern Dvina basin). In samples of both species (n = 134), three LDH-A phenotypes have been identified in total, which proved to be under the(More)
Interspecies genetic variability of Baikal seal was studied for 22 proteins encoded by 24 loci. Genetic variants have been detected in transferrin (TfA = 0.96; TfB = 0.04), postalbumin (PaA = 0.130; PaB = 0.870) and "slow" carboxylesterase (CrE-6A = 0.98; CrE-6B = 0.02). Low genetic variability is characteristic of species as well as of many other(More)