Palaniyandi Sivakumar

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In mobile ad hoc networks, routing protocol area is a challenging issue. In spite of recent research, MANETs lack load balancing capabilities, and thus, they fail to provide expected performance especially in the case of a large volume of traffic such as real time traffic. In this paper, we propose a simple but very efficient algorithm to support Quality of(More)
In this paper we provide solution to improve the heterogeneous data source access in web application using the emerging intelligent mobile agent technology. Intelligent Mobile agents are the basis of an emerging technology that promises to make it very much easier to design, implement, and maintain network system. We found that mobile agents reduce network(More)
In Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs), nodes are capable of frequently changing their location. For effective routing, each and every node is expected to keep track of its moving neighborhood. So whenever the neighbor node changes, all the other nodes should update its routing table to invalidate the paths passing though old neighbors. This prevents the node(More)
In Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET), reliability in real time data transmission can be assured by confirming the connectivity of the network. Since, MANETs are characterized by dynamic topology changes; the established connection must be monitored for its consistency. In order to provide and maintain connectivity, in this paper, we propose a reliable real(More)
The complexity and routability of layout depends on the number of layers, which can be used for the completion of interconnections. The global routing can be solved by graph based techniques. Efficient 3D routing methods are efficient to minimize the via overflows and total number of vias. The minimization methods rip-up and reassignment for a integer(More)
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