Palaniswamy Suresh Kumar

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In this manuscript, a dramatic increase in the energy density of ~ 69 Wh kg⁻¹ and an extraordinary cycleability ~ 2000 cycles of the Li-ion hybrid electrochemical capacitors (Li-HEC) is achieved by employing tailored activated carbon (AC) of ~ 60% mesoporosity derived from coconut shells (CS). The AC is obtained by both physical and chemical hydrothermal(More)
Taktir is one of the fruits consumed by the large population of eastern Himalaya and other south east Asian countries. The fruits were harvested in five different harvesting times starting from second fortnight of April to mid of May to adjudge the best maturity time for fresh consumption and processing of fruits. The fruits harvested during 1st week of May(More)
Identifying the right packaging material and storage condition are prerequisite for extending the shelf life of dehydrated guava slices. An experiment was conducted to evolve the influence of packaging materials (200 gauge High density polyethylene, 200 gauge Aluminium laminated polyethylene and 250 gauge coextruded pouches); mode of packaging (air packed,(More)
In eastern Himalayan region, growers cultivate many crops per unit area without following definite row proportions which resulted in lower productivity. Use of recent modern technologies in undulated topography is not feasible. Therefore, locally available resources were utilized for better water use, higher productivity and improved energy profitability in(More)
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