Palanisamy Soundararajan

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Malnutrition is widely prevalent among patients on hemodialysis. Malnutrition can be estimated using a fully quantitative scoring system Subjective Global Assessment-Dialysis Malnutrition Score which is simple, reliable and dynamic. The primary objective of the study was to assess the severity of malnutrition in patients with end stage renal disease and(More)
Hyperphosphatemia is an important modifiable risk factor for death and cardiovascular events in patients on hemodialysis (HD). As nicotinamide has been shown as an inhibitor of sodium-dependent phosphate co-transport in rat renal tubule and small intestine, we examined whether nicotinamide reduces hyperphosphatemia in patients undergoing HD. The study was(More)
Nutritional deficiencies are common in adolescent children and include deficiencies of both micro- and macronutrients. Magnesium is an important mineral that is essential for maintenance of numerous electrophysiological and biochemical processes in the body. We report an adolescent girl who developed an episode of syncope with first degree heart block on(More)
A five-year-old boy with acute on chronic ear discharge and fever was diagnosed to have tubercular otitis media (TOM) with Staphylococcus aureus co-infection. His chest X-ray was suggestive of miliary tuberculosis. The clinical presentation of the child with a brief review of the literature pertaining to the case is being discussed in this report.
Ceftriaxone is a commonly used antibiotic in children for various infections like respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection and enteric fever. Hypersensitive reactions following ceftriaxone therapy are uncommon but are potentially life-threatening. The rash can resemble viral exanthems and may lead to a delay in the recognition and prompt(More)
Historically HIV positive patients were considered a contraindication for renal transplant. After the year 1996, with the introduction of HAART the retropositive patients live longer and therefore end stage organ disease is now an increasingly important cause of mortality and morbidity in these patients. Here we report our experience for the first time in(More)
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