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With the aim to map and monitor a low-salinity water (LSW) plume in the East China Sea (ECS), we developed more robust and proper regional algorithms from large in-situ measurements of apparent and inherent optical properties (i.e. remote sensing reflectance, R rs , and absorption coefficient of coloured dissolved organic matter, a CDOM) determined in ECS(More)
Satellite ocean colour missions require a standard extraterrestrial solar irradiance spectrum in the visible and near-infrared (NIR) for use in the process of radiomet-ric calibration, atmospheric correction and normalization of water-leaving radiances from in-situ measurements. There are numerous solar irradiance spectra (or models) currently in use within(More)
This paper proposes an over view of the estimation of Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) for the wave imaging mechanism. MTF correlates interaction of electromagnetic waves with dynamics of ocean surface waves. This approach is suitable for the estimation of wave parameters in the large oceanic regions. Main phenomenon occurred in between sea surface and(More)