Palaniappan Ramu

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Nonlinear problems such as transient dynamic problems exhibit structural responses that can be discontinuous due to numerous bifurcations. This hinders gradient-based or response surface-based optimization. This paper proposes a novel approach to split the design space into regions where the response is continuous. This makes traditional optimization(More)
ECG Steganography provides secured transmission of secret information such as patient personal information through ECG signals. This paper proposes an approach that uses discrete wavelet transform to decompose signals and singular value decomposition (SVD) to embed the secret information into the decomposed ECG signal. The novelty of the proposed method is(More)
Response surface methods which approximate the actual performance function using simple algebraic equations are widely used in structural reliability studies. The response surface approximations are often used to estimate the reliability of a structure. Errors in the response surface approximation affect the results of reliability analysis. This work(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Pedicle screw instrumentation is widely used in the treatment of spinal disorders and deformities. Currently, the surgeon decides the holding power of instrumentation based on the perioperative feeling which is subjective in nature. The objective of the paper is to develop a surrogate model which will predict the pullout strength of(More)
ECG steganography hides patient's confidential data into their Electrocardiogram during transmission/storage of medical records, in order to ensure protection of patient privacy. Efficiency of a steganography method can be estimated using imperceptibility and robustness of hidden data which are estimated using Peak Signal to Noise Ratio and Bit Error Rate(More)