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Regression analysis is a widely used statistical method for investigating and modelling relationships between variables. There are various forms of regression models, each is used for different purposes in engineering and sciences. Linear regression models (LRMs) is the most popular one among them. Although, these models are easy to develop and interpret,(More)
A central element in organization of financial means consists in the constitution , analysis and optimization of portfolios. As in many processes in nature, technology and economy, financial processes suffer from stochastic fluctuations and noise. Therefore, we consider stochastic differential equations [19]. As a drawback, these equations are often hard to(More)
This paper further introduces continuous optimization into the fields of computational biology and environmental protection which belong to the most challenging and emerging areas of science. It refines earlier ones of our models on gene-environment patterns by the use of optimization theory. We emphasize that it bases on and presents work done in [61, 66].(More)
Generalized additive models belong to modern techniques from statistical learning, and are applicable in many areas of prediction, e.g., in financial mathematics, computational biology, medicine, chemistry and environmental protection. These models have the form () () 0 1 m j j j G((X)) ψ X β f X μ = = = + ∑ , where ψ is a function of the predictors. These(More)
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