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Reactive power optimization (RPO) is an important issue for providing the secure and economic run of the power systems. The importance of reactive power planning on economic profit and secure running has been increasing, because of the increasing fuel costs and investment funds. It is also quite important for an electric operator to provide voltage in a(More)
Today, Robotic is an essential technology from the entertainment to the industry. Thousands of articles have been published on Robotic. There are various types of robots such as parallel robots, industrial robots, mobile robots, autonomous mobile robots, health-care robots, military robots, entertainment robots, nano robots and swarm robots. So, this(More)
Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm are two well-known metaheuristic algorithms for combinatorial optimization. These two methods have also been used for solving constrained continuous problems. In this study, five constrained continuous problems have been solved both Simulated Annealing (SA) and Genetic Algorithm (GA). Optimum results have been(More)
The segmentation process is defined by separating the objects as clustering in the images. The most used method in the segmentation is k-means clustering algorithm. k-means clustering algorithm needs the number of clusters, the initial central points of clusters as well as the image information. However, there is no preliminary information about the number(More)
The computer science students mostly face with the difficulties in learning the topics of algorithms courses. Only listening the topic from the teacher or just writing makes the learning volatile. Instead of listening or writing, if there is something visual, it would be more permanent to learn because visuality increases the learning potential and the time(More)
Network education given in the universities and in the other education areas constitutes the backbone of computer science. This education is provided not only in theoretical form but also in the practical way. Since it is hard to settle some information of computer networks in learners' mind practices are the necessary activities of learning process. As the(More)
In this study, for the loads supplied by three thermic plants, power of thermic plants, supplying the minimum values of the cost of energy used for an hour, have been found with Simulated Annealing (SA) which is a metaheuristic optimasition method. Firstly solution have been found with classical Lagrange Method. Later solution have also been found with SA(More)
Eyes, which is one of the most significant sense organs, could loose its functionality depending on the environment and growing age. In this study, a method for Optic Dist detection that is one of the first steps in diognising eye diseases and that plays and important role in early diagnosis of many eye diseases have been developed. In this study the red(More)
Image segmentation is the process of separating objects within an image. Image segmentation can be considered as an important computer vision problem in image sensing where the homogeneous regions in an image can be distinguished with high accuracy. In this study, a two stage hybrid method has been proposed for image segmentation. In the first stage, the(More)