Pakawadee Worawittayawong

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In the greater bandicoot rat, Bandicota indica, of south-east Asia, nine cell associations were documented in the testicular seminiferous epithelium. In about 10% of the tubule cross sections two or more cell associations occurred and, furthermore, some of the generations of germ cells within the cell associations were sometimes either out of phase, or(More)
PURPOSE To confirm the accuracy of the standard parameters of Chamberlain's line, McGregor's line, McRae's line, and Ranawat's line in the diagnosis of basilar impression in a normal Asian population using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the craniocervical junction, and to evaluate the use of MRI in the initial diagnosis of basilar impression. (More)
Male germ cells of the greater bandicoot rat, Bandicota indica, have recently been categorized into 12 spermiogenic steps based upon the morphological appearance of the acrosome and nucleus and the cell shape. In the present study, we have found that, in the Golgi and cap phases, round spermatid nuclei contain 10-nm to 30-nm chromatin fibers, and that the(More)
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