Pak Kiu Sun

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Let G = (V, E) be a graph. A total restrained dominating set is a set S ⊆ V where every vertex in V \ S is adjacent to a vertex in S as well as to another vertex in V \ S, and every vertex in S is adjacent to another vertex in S. The total restrained domination number of G, denoted by γ t r (G), is the smallest cardinality of a total restrained dominating(More)
Two inequalities are established connecting the graph invariants of incidence chromatic number, star arboricity and domination number. Using these, upper and lower bounds are deduced for the incidence chromatic number of a graph and further reductions are made to the upper bound for a planar graph. It is shown that cubic graphs with orders not divis-ible by(More)
Effects on the normalized Laplacian spectral radius of non-bipartite graphs under perturbation and their applications, Integer-antimagic spectra of complete bipartite graphs and complete bipartite graphs with a deleted edge, Maximizing the spectral radius of k-connected graphs with given diameter, The minimum algebraic connectivity of graphs with a given(More)
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