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Space-filling visualizations, such as the TreeMap, are well-suited for displaying the properties of nodes in hierarchies. To browse the contents of the hierarchy, the primary mode of interaction is by drilling-down through many successive layers. In this paper we introduce a distortion algorithm based on fisheye and continuous zooming techniques for(More)
Suppose m and t are integers such that 0 < t ≤ m. An (m, t) splitting system is a pair (X, B) where |X| = m, B is a set of m 2 subsets of X, called blocks such that for every Y ⊆ X and |Y | = t, there exists a block B ∈ B such that |B ∩ Y | = t 2 or |(X \ B) ∩ Y | = t 2. We will give some results on splitting systems for t = 2 or 4 which often depend on(More)
The accumulation of hyperphosphorylated tau is a common feature of several dementias. Tau is one of the brain microtubule-associated proteins. Here we discuss tau's function in microtubule assembly and stabilization and with regards to tau's interactions with other proteins, membranes, and DNA. We describe and analyze important posttranslational(More)
A binary string B of length n = kt is a k-ary Dyck word if it contains t copies of 1, and the number of 0s in every prefix of B is at most k−1 times the number of 1s. We provide two loopless algorithms for generating k-ary Dyck words in cool-lex order: (1) The first requires two index variables and assumes k is a constant; (2) The second requires t index(More)
Detecting in vivo transcription factor (TF) binding is important for understanding gene regulatory circuitries. ChIP-seq is a powerful technique to empirically define TF binding in vivo. However, the multitude of distinct TFs makes genome-wide profiling for them all labor-intensive and costly. Algorithms for in silico prediction of TF binding have been(More)
TreeMap is one a common space-filling visualization technique to display large hierarchies in a limited display space. In TreeMaps, highlighting techniques are widely used to depict search results from visual queries. To improve visualizing the queries results in the TreeMap, we designed a continuous animated multi-distortion algorithm based on fisheye and(More)
For any given k, the sequence of k-ary Catalan numbers, C t,k = 1 kt+1 kt t , enumerates a number of combinatorial objects, including k-ary Dyck words of length n = kt and k-ary trees with t internal nodes. We show that these objects can be efficiently ordered using the same variation of lexicographic order known as cool-lex order. In particular, we provide(More)