Paivi Tuominen

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Induction of a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-metabolizing cytochrome P450 isoform CYP1A1 is regulated by aromatic hydrocarbon receptor (AHR). High inducibility of CYP1A1, possibly due to genetic polymorphisms, has been considered to be a risk factor for lung cancer in tobacco smokers. The relationship between low or high pulmonary expression of CYP1A1 and(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES We examined the association of nutritional status as measured by the Mini-Nutritional Assessment Short Form (MNA-SF) with changes in mobility, institutionalization and death after hip fracture. SUBJECTS/METHODS Population-based prospective data were collected on 472 out of 693 consecutive hip fracture patients aged 65 years and over(More)
The FHIT gene, at 3p14.2, has been suggested to form a molecular target to damage induced by human lung carcinogens. We examined aberrant expression of the Fhit protein and allele loss at the FHIT gene in a series of lung cancer cases, mainly of non-small cell carcinoma (NSCLC) histology. We had detailed data on tobacco smoke exposure and occupational(More)
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