Pairat Thorncharoensri

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Generally, the goal of identification schemes is to provide security assurance against impersonation attacks. Identification schemes based on zero knowledge protocols have more advantages, for example, deniability, which enables the prover to deny an identification proof so that the verifier couldn’t persuade others that it is indeed the prover who(More)
In this work, we present and establish a new primitive called Multi-level Controlled Signature. This primitive allows a signer to specify a security level to limit the verifiability of the signature. This primitive works as follows. Without losing generality, we assume the security levels of a group of users are defined in ascending order, where “A”(More)
Wang et al. recently found several collisions in some hash functions, such as MD4, MD5, Haval-128 and RIPEMD. These findings have significantly changed our views about the security of existing hash functions. Unfortunately, although it is easy for us to verify the correctness of the collisions published by Wang et al., the sufficient conditions for(More)
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