Pair-Dong Wang

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  • P D Wang
  • American journal of infection control
  • 2000
OBJECTIVES We investigated the risk of tuberculosis transmission from a person with highly infectious pulmonary tuberculosis to fellow passengers and crew members on a 14-hour commercial flight. The 2-step tuberculin testing was used to minimize the effects of the booster phenomenon. METHODS Passengers and flight crew members identified from airline(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the trends, patterns, and risk factors associated with drug-resistant tuberculosis, we conducted a hospital-based retrospective study in Taipei. METHODS Clinical and bacteriologic data were routinely collected from 453 patients with a diagnosis of tuberculosis who were treated at Taipei Municipal Chronic Disease Hospital from(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a hypothesis about the carcinogenesis of cervical cancer from a descriptive analysis. METHODS The mortality data of cervical cancer were analyzed over the period from 1974 to 1992 among Taiwanese women using a log-linear Poisson model modified from the method of Osmond and Gardner to examine the effects of age, calendar period of(More)
Information on perinatal deaths was obtained from 310 women by collecting detailed obstetric histories dating from marriage to the start of the survey. These histories were compared to those of 688 age matched controls. Potential risk factors, levels and time trends of perinatal mortality in Taiwan were examined and factors underlying stillbirths and early(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the risk of tuberculosis (TB) transmission from family members with infectious TB to other family members, and to examine whether household contact investigations had an impact on tuberculosis patterns. DESIGN Under the direction of the Taipei Municipal Chronic Disease Hospital, 12 full-time public health nurses recruited the(More)
OBJECTIVES This retrospective study evaluated epidemiological trends in tuberculosis and the performance of a TB control program in Taipei. METHODS Data of all recorded tuberculosis cases from 1994 through 2000 obtained from the Tuberculosis Registry Center was used to analyze the trend of incidence. Tuberculin skin tests were also performed to estimate(More)
The epidemiologic differences between cytology-detected candidial and trichomonal infections were assessed in 15,933 women attending the 12 district health centres in the Taipei area and a consecutive 1114 patients, visiting venereal disease clinics, whose smears were screened for cervical cancer between July 1991 and December 1992 in Taipei. The Pap smears(More)
  • P D Wang
  • The international journal of tuberculosis and…
  • 2008
SETTING Understanding tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology among children is critical to overall TB control. OBJECTIVE To investigate the trends and epidemiological and clinical characteristics of TB in children aged 0-14 years in Taipei City, Taiwan. DESIGN Data on all childhood TB cases in Taipei City from 1998 to 2005 were obtained from the National(More)