Painted Post

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We studied the value of sonographically guided puncture of the subclavian vein for placement of indwelling right atrial and permanent subcutaneously tunneled catheters (Hickman) for long-term venous access. The commonly used blind puncture is associated with complications such as pneumothorax, arterial puncture, and hemothorax. The results and complications(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging has evolved over the last decade into an indispensable diagnostic instrument. CMR imaging noninvasively provides structural, functional and morphological information with high spatial resolution and an unlimited field of view. Since October 2006 the VieCuri Medical Centre in Venlo has a CMR scanner at its(More)
A total of 107 self-identified workaholics from across the United States and Canada responded to a set of inventories assessing their scores on the Work Addiction Risk Test and the correlations with current family functioning. Individuals in the High-risk group, compared to those in the Low- and Medium-groups, were significantly more likely to perceive(More)
We describe a new technique using ultrasound guided puncture of the subclavian vein and fluoroscopic control of the guide wire and the catheter position. Using this technique we performed 70 catheter introductions in 54 patients at the radiological department of the University Hospital of Rotterdam. Long term administration of chemotherapy was the most(More)
The Student Employment Bureau announces the following placements: Otto J. Howe, '40, Rlchburg, commerce; Virginia Hoagland, '39, Moodus, Connecticut, public library; Marion McKee, '40, South Kortright, commerce; Mary Trainor, '40, South Kortright, junior high, English; Harriet Lee, '37, grad, Breasley school, science; Clark Bowen, '39, Oouveneur, junior(More)
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