Paige Shapiro

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Both protein kinases and phosphoprotein phosphatases are important components of signal transduction systems in cells. Recent studies in Alzheimer's disease (AD) have shown abnormal protein phosphorylation in the cortex suggesting an alteration in these enzymes. In the present study, an antibody against CD45 was used to analyze the status of this protein(More)
Since its earliest use in psychiatry, lithium has been known to alter body water homeostasis. Although lithium is also known to decrease the concentration of inositol, an important brain osmolyte, little is known of the effects of lithium on brain water homeostasis. To determine whether lithium alters brain water homeostasis, and, if so, whether the(More)
Although lipomas of the colon are second only to adenomatous polyps in frequency of benign lesions of the large bowel, they occur relatively rarely. These lesions are reported to be symptomatic in 15% to 91% of cases. Endoscopically, the lipoma is soft and pliable and appears globular and covered by pale "normal" tunica mucosa. The treatment of choice is(More)
The role of cullin E3-ubiquitin ligases for muscle homeostasis is best known during muscle atrophy, as the cullin-1 substrate adaptor atrogin-1 is among the most well-characterized muscle atrogins. We investigated whether cullin activity was also crucial during terminal myoblast differentiation and aggregation of acetylcholine receptors for the(More)
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