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Hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] compounds are widely used in industry and agriculture and are also ubiquitous environmental contaminant which are recognized as one kind of carcinogen, mutagen and teratogen towards humans and animals. To determined the Cr(VI) toxicity effects, gene expression profile can be meaningful for discovering underlying mechanisms of(More)
Health concerns surrounding human exposure to phthalates include diminished semen quality. Epidemiological findings remain inconsistent. We have performed a quality appraisal and meta-analysis to quantitatively summarize evidence for associations between phthalate exposures and human semen quality. Pubmed and Web of Science were searched for pertinent(More)
BACKGROUND Universal salt iodization (USI) was introduced in China in 1995, but whether the iodine status is optimal is questionable. This study was conducted to assess the iodine nutrition among Zhejiang population in coastal regions in China. METHODS A cross-sectional survey for iodine nutritional status was conducted with general population (n=10,350),(More)
In One-of-a-Kind Production (OKP), a large number of customised product designs and CAD models are produced in order to satisfy a wide variety of customer requirements (CRs). This situation inevitably results in data redundancy when representing product families. Aiming to solve this issue, in this paper, a structured product model, the modularized generic(More)
Nowadays, commercial Product Lifecycle Management / Computer-Aided Design (PLM/CAD) systems support only part of the conceptual design process, let alone one with uncertain and imprecise information for decision making. This situation causes cost-waste, poor design assessment, and discontinuity in the design information flow: Customer Needs (CNs) - Design(More)
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