Pai Liu

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Group IV Nanowires have strong potential for several biomedical applications. However, to date their use remains limited because many are synthesised using heavy metal seeds and functionalised using organic ligands to make the materials water dispersible. This can result in unpredicted toxic side effects for mammalian cells cultured on the wires. Here, we(More)
Herein we report the formation of multi-layered arrays of vertically aligned and close packed semiconductor nanorods in perfect registry at a substrate using electric field assisted assembly. The collective properties of these CdSexS1-x nanorod emitters are harnessed by demonstrating a relatively low amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) threshold and a high(More)
In this paper, we focus on the production plan design for a class of batch processing problem, which comes from a practical production scenario of semiconductor manufacturing in China. We introduce a new parameter, referred as salary factor, to balance the workload of the workers and the throughput of the corporation in the process of production planing,(More)
This article describes system architecture designed for visualization platform of the production process in generic manufacturing. It fits for almost all kinds of production process of manufacturing. The system is divided into four modules and each has its special features. First of all, the whole architecture of the system is shown to help you catch the(More)
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