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Rounded-amoeboid cancer cells use actomyosin contractility driven by Rho-ROCK and JAK-STAT3 to migrate efficiently. It has been suggested that rounded-amoeboid cancer cells do not require matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) to invade. Here we compare MMP levels in rounded-amoeboid and elongated-mesenchymal melanoma cells. Surprisingly, we find that(More)
Cellular transformation and cancer progression is accompanied by changes in the metabolic landscape. Master co-regulators of metabolism orchestrate the modulation of multiple metabolic pathways through transcriptional programs, and hence constitute a probabilistically parsimonious mechanism for general metabolic rewiring. Here we show that the(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal cell migration and invasion underlie metastasis, and actomyosin contractility is a key regulator of tumor invasion. The links between cancer migratory behavior and DNA damage are poorly understood. METHODS Using 3D collagen systems to recapitulate melanoma extracellular matrix, we analyzed the relationship between the actomyosin(More)
The alpha chemokine receptor CXCR4 is up-regulated in certain types of breast cancer. Truncation of the C-terminus of this receptor alters cell morphology and increases invasiveness and metastatic potential. Here, to better understand the effects of CXCR4 expression and truncation in breast cancer cells, we have used high resolution magic angle spinning(More)
Cancer cell migration and invasion underlie metastatic dissemination, one of the major problems in cancer. Tumour cells exhibit a striking variety of invasion strategies. Importantly, cancer cells can switch between invasion modes in order to cope with challenging environments. This ability to switch migratory modes or plasticity highlights the challenges(More)
Collective cell migration is essential during physiological processes such as development or wound healing and in pathological conditions such as cancer dissemination. Cells migrating within multicellular tissues experiment different forces which play an intricate role during tissue formation, development and maintenance. How cells are able to respond to(More)
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