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With an increasing popularity of social-media, people post updates that aid other users in finding answers to their questions. Most of the user-generated data on social-media are in code-mixed or multi-script form, where the words are represented phonetically in a non-native script. We address the problem of Question-Classfication on social-media data. We(More)
Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) has become an important problem to solve in the recent years due to the growth of content in multiple languages in the Web. One of the standard methods is to use query translation from source to target language. In this paper, we propose an approach based on word embeddings, a method that captures contextual clues(More)
In Cross-Language Information Retrieval, finding the appropriate translation of the source language query has always been a difficult problem to solve. We propose a technique towards solving this problem with the help of multilingual word clusters obtained from multilingual word embeddings. We use word embeddings of the languages projected to a common(More)
Active languages such as Bangla (or Bengali) evolve over time due to a variety of social, cultural, economic, and political issues. In this paper, we analyze the change in the written form of the modern phase of Bangla quantitatively in terms of character-level, syllable-level, morpheme-level and word-level features. We collect three different types of(More)
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