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Sunscreen application by photosensitive patients is inadequate for protection
Photosensitive patients often comment that sunscreen products seem of little benefit. We used fluorescence spectroscopy to assess quantitatively their sunscreen application technique. A dose–responseExpand
[Self-reported diabetes mellitus in the city of São Paulo: prevalence and inequality]
This report analyzes characteristics of self-reported diabetes mellitus in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The data were obtained from the Brazilian Multicenter Study on Prevalence of DiabetesExpand
Quantitative evaluation of the Myotatic Reflex in Hemiplegic and Paraplegic patients.
The aim of this study was the quantitative evaluation of the myotatic reflex in a group of 11 subjects affected by spastic paresis of the lower limbs (8 hemiplegic and 3 paraplegic patients) and, forExpand
Human Bio-Photons Emission: an observational Case Study of Emission of Energy Using a Tibetan Meditative Practice on an Individual
Several studies have highlighted how bio-photons emission can be considered a reliable indicator of the status of health or illness of a living being. Further evidence show that this emission can beExpand
High ‐ pressure behaviour and phase stability of Ca 2 B 6 O 6 ( OH )
The high-pressure behaviour of meyerhofferite [ideally Ca2B6O6(OH)10·2(H2O), with a ~ 6.63 Å, b ~ 8.34 Å, c ~ 6.47 Å, α = 90.8°, β = 102°, γ = 86.8°, Sp. Gr. P1 ], a B-bearing raw material (with B2O3Expand
The Recent Uses of Sol-Gel Doped Catalysts in Fine Chemistry
1Introduction A variety of sol-gel entrapped catalysts is available on the chemical market due to the unique advantages offered by these highly porous oxides doped with transition metal catalyst,Expand