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We examined intracellular pH (pH(i)) regulation in the retrotrapezoid nucleus (RTN), a CO(2)-sensitive site, and the hypoglossal nucleus, a nonchemosensitive site, during development (postnatal days 2-18) in rats. Respiratory acidosis [10% CO(2), extracellular pH (pH(o)) 7.18] caused acidification without pH(i) recovery in the RTN at all ages. In the(More)
We tested the hypothesis that focally perfusing carbenoxolone, which blocks gap junctions, into the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) would reduce the ventilatory response to CO(2). We measured minute ventilation (V(E)), tidal volume (V(T)) and respiratory frequency (F(R)) responses to increasing concentrations of inspired CO(2) (F(I)(CO(2) = 0-8%) in rats(More)
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