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In this paper, the Takagi–Sugeno (T–S) fuzzy model representation is extended to the stability analysis for cellular neural networks (CNNs) with mixed time-varying delays and time delay in the leakage term via the delay decomposition approach. First, a sufficient condition is given to ensure the existence and uniqueness of equilibrium point by using(More)
This paper deals with the problem of delay-dependent global robust asymptotic stability of uncertain switched Hopfield neural networks (USHNNs) with discrete interval and distributed time-varying delays and time delay in the leakage term. Some Lyapunov––Krasovskii functionals are constructed and the linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach are employed to(More)
Hemoglobin was estimated by Sahli's and Drabkin's method in samples collected by finger prick and venepuncture. Statistical analysis revealed a significant difference in the hemoglobin values obtained by the two methods (P less than .01 & P less than .05 respectively). Sahli's method carried out by two different groups of workers in samples of blood(More)