Padraig O'Seaghdha

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Incremental learning explanations state that semantic interference is driven by activation levels of competitors. To explore nonsemantic contributions to interference, we examined the combined and separate effects of facilitatory phonological form preparation and semantic relatedness in a blocked cyclic picture naming procedure. Phonological similarity was(More)
Structural priming, the tendency for speakers to reuse the structures of recent utterances (Bock, 1986) or to produce repeated structures more fluently, is well documented for structural selection, but less so for phrase structure generation. Priming of structural choices is long-lived, persisting across intervening utterances (Bock & Griffin, 2000), but(More)
Do English and Mandarin speakers think about time differently? Boroditsky (2001) claimed they do, but the claim did not stand in three failed replications Recently she and her colleagues reported data from a different task to support the claim (Boroditsky, Fuhrman, & McCormick, 2010). We repeated their study with English speakers in US, Mandarin speakers in(More)
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