Padraic J Ryan

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Four hundred and eleven subjects who either reported to Occupational Health at onset of influenza or influenza-like illness (I/ILI) symptoms or on return to work completed questionnaires on entry to the study and after 28 days. On average they were incapacitated or confined to bed for 2.4 days, missing 2.8 days from work per episode of illness. On return to(More)
Swabs were taken for culture from the periurethral area and urethral meatus in 124 uncircumcised and 60 circumcised boys. Proteus mirabilis was grown from 28 (22.6%) swabs from uncircumcised boys and from only one (1.7%) swab from circumcised boys. This supports the idea that the prepuce may be the source of proteus urinary tract infection.
Contact sensitivity to ranitidine hydrochloride has been demonstrated in 6 of 8 symptomatic exposed pharmaceutical manufacturing employees; a 7th has been found to be sensitized to ranitidine base. Although closed manufacturing processes diminish the risk of such sensitization, operatives with potential exposure should be made aware of the importance of(More)
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