Padraic Hennessy

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Ambient obscurance (AO) produces perceptually important illumination effects such as darkened corners, cracks, and wrinkles; proximity darkening; and contact shadows. We present the AO algorithm from the Alchemy engine used at Vicarious Visions in commercial games. It is based on a new derivation of screen-space obscurance for robustness, and the insight(More)
This paper outlines a framework for modelling organisational-·,communication. It also describes an object oriented environment (the AME) that has been used to explore such models. The AME consists of a database that holds a description of the structure of an organisation and its ongoing activities. A rule interpreter makes use of the database to assist in(More)
This paper describes a novel filter for simulating motion blur phenomena in real time by applying ideas from offline stochastic reconstruction. The filter operates as a 2D post-process on a conventional framebuffer augmented with a screen-space velocity buffer. We demonstrate results on video game scenes rendered and reconstructed in real-time on NVIDIA(More)
  • P A Hennessy
  • 1985
Tracheotomy may be necessary in the treatment of severe, prolonged illness or airway obstruction. The preoperative nursing care plan is developed to meet the physical needs of the child as well as provide essential information and emotional support to the child and family. Comprehensive attention to all aspects of care needs in the preoperative period(More)
The use of a positive expiratory pressure (PEP) mask was compared with postural drainage in the treatment of 10 patients with cystic fibrosis. The patients were allocated randomly in a crossover fashion to the two regimens and evaluated initially by a physiotherapist and over a 4 week treatment period by use of a diary card. There was no significant(More)
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