Padmini Shankar

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It has been estimated that approximately 220,000 people with morbid obesity underwent bariatric surgery in 2008. Modification of the gastrointestinal tract affects absorption and health care professionals counseling bariatric patients need to be aware of possible micronutrient deficiencies and their symptoms. A systematic review of several databases and(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Obesity is a growing worldwide epidemic. Obese patients are often deficient in micronutrients despite macronutrient excess. Bariatric surgery is an increasingly utilized modality in the treatment of obesity and obesity-related conditions. Bariatric surgery itself may cause or exacerbate micronutrient deficiencies with serious sequelae.(More)
This project used a nonexperimental design with a convenience sample and studied the relationship between academic motivation, grade expectation, and academic performance in 1,210 students enrolled in undergraduate human anatomy and physiology (HAP) classes over a 2-yr period. A 42-item survey that included 28 items of the adapted academic motivation scale(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the ameliorating effects of dietary copper supplementation on selenium toxicity. Nine groups (n=6) of weanling Fischer 344 female rats were randomly assigned to treatment groups and fed diets containing nontoxic levels of copper as CuCl2 and/or selenium as selenite or selenocystamine. Weight gain, liver and(More)
Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of undergraduate students enrolled in human anatomy and physiology, physics, and nutrition courses were explored with course discipline-specific adapted versions of the Academic Motivation Scale. Information on students’ study habits and efforts, and final course grades were also collected. Results revealed the adapted(More)
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