Padmapriya Nammalwar

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This paper proposes a new framework for colour texture segmentation and determines the contribution of colour and texture. The distributions of colour and texture features provides the discrimination between different colour textured regions in an image. The proposed method was tested using different mosaic and natural images. From the results, it is(More)
This paper details the development of an automated vision-based solution for identification of paint and substrate defects on painted slates. The developed vision system consists of two major components. The first component of the system addresses issues including the mechanical implementation and interfacing the inspection system with the sensing and(More)
This paper describes a method for colour texture analysis, which performs segmentation based on colour and texture information. The main goal of this approach is to examine the contribution of chromaticity features in the analysis of texture. Local binary pattern and discrete cosine transform are the techniques utilised as a tool to perform feature(More)
This paper proposes a framework for colour texture segmentation. The framework uses the colour and the texture distributions for discriminating the colour textured regions. The proposed colour texture segmentation method was tested in three different applications. The applications includes Irish Script on Screen (ISOS) images, skin cancer images and(More)
This study presents an efficient way to segment the skin cancer images. A novel method is proposed that combines colour and texture for the segmentation of skin lesions from unaffected skin region in an image. The distributions of colour and texture features provide a platform for the discrimination of skin lesions. The segmentation results are evaluated(More)
In this paper, a novel pyramid based multiscale image decomposition and restoration method has been attempted as an application of diminishing cells infinite array. The method employs Laplacian and Gaussian filter to decompose and restore images. The multiscale decomposition and the area of the decomposed multiscaled images are in geometric progression(More)
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