Padmanabhuni Venkata Nageswara Rao

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Butyrylcholinesterase may have a role in a number of metabolic functions and could affect the expression of insulin resistance syndrome. We present our integrated work using clinical, biochemical and bioinformatic approaches to delineate the possible function of this enzyme. Initially, we constructed a phylogenic tree with nucleotides and amino acid(More)
Background. HNF-1a is a transcription factor that regulates glucose metabolism by expression in various tissues. Aim. To dock potential ligands of HNF-1a using docking software in silico. Methods. We performed in silico studies using HNF-1a protein 2GYP·pdb and the following softwares: ISIS/Draw 2.5SP4, ARGUSLAB 4.0.1, and HEX5.1. Observations. The docking(More)
Protein network analysis has witnessed a number of advancements in the past for understanding molecular characteristics for important network topologies in biological systems. The signaling pathway regulates cell cycle progression and anti-apoptotic molecules. This pathway is also involved in maintaining cell survival by modulating the activity of apoptosis(More)
Data mining is used in various medical applicat ions like tumor classification, protein structure prediction, gene classification, cancer classification based on microarray data, clustering of gene expression data, statistical model of protein-protein interaction etc. Adverse drug events in prediction of medical test effectiveness can be done based on(More)
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