Padmanabhan Srinagesh

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Spurred by improvements in routing technology, the architecture of the Internet is evolving. Until recently, nearly all routing took place through parallel hierarchies, in which each core Internet service provider (ISP) at the top of its own hierarchy provided other core ISP’s with routes to its own customers and customers of non-core ISP’s in its(More)
Abstract: Concern over the potential need to redefine universal service to account for Internet-related services and other combinations of communication and computing motivates this study of the geographic spread of commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the leading suppliers of Internet access in the United States. The paper characterizes the(More)
We study optimal nonuniform pricing in a setting where a customer's demand at the start of a billing period contains a random variable whose realization becomes known by the end of the billing period. In this context, an optional calling plan is a tariff which the consumer must select based on his/her expectations about the random variable, whereas, under a(More)
This article analyzes the usefulness of the traffic measurement methodologies used by the European Commission (EC) and the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) in assessing the competitive effects of mergers of Internet backbone providers. The analysis concludes that the traffic ratios used by the EC to estimate market shares when it reviewed the(More)
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