Padmanabhan K. Menon

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1. Difference sets in finite groups have been studied at great length in a paper by R. H. Brück [l]. Marshall Hall, Jr.'s notion of a "multiplier" of a difference set has been extended by Brück to difference sets in groups. The latter has also extended a theorem of Hall on multipliers [3 ] to abelian groups. Hall has later obtained a generalization of his(More)
Recent advances in navigation and data communication technologies make it feasible for individual aircraft to plan and fly their trajectories in the presence of other aircraft in the airspace. This way, individual aircraft can take advantage of the atmospheric and traffic conditions to optimally plan their paths. This capability is termed as the free flight(More)
Control design tasks often require the use of trial-and-error search methods to obtain a satisfactory solution. Depending upon the nature and the number of " tuning " parameters or functions, the search process can be very discontinuous and nonconvex. The genetic search methods are a recently developed family of techniques for optimization which offer(More)
The application of fuzzy logic for the development of guidance laws for homing missiles is presented. Fuzzy logic approximation of the well known proportional navigation guidance law is discussed, followed by the development of a blended guidance law using fuzzy logic. The objective of the latter guidance law is to combine desirable features of three homing(More)
Modeling, simulation, and integrated guidance-control of a kinetic warhead utilizing moving-mass actuators are discussed. Moving masses can be used in any speed range both in the atmosphere as well as outside it, as long as there is a force, either aerodynamic or propulsive, acting on the vehicle. The moving-mass actuation technique offers significant(More)
Advanced missiles employ multiple actuators to enhance maneuverability and to improve the intercept probability against highly maneuverable targets. Actuators employed in such missiles include aerodynamic control surfaces and reaction jets. While the usage of aerodynamic surfaces are not generally constrained, reaction jet usage has to be minimized due to(More)