Padmakar V. Khadikar

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A novel topological index, PI (Padmakar-Ivan index), is derived in this paper. The index is very simple to calculate and has disseminating power similar to that of the Wiener (W) and the Szeged (Sz) indices. The comprehensive studies show that the proposed PI index correlates highly with W and Sz as well as with physicochemical properties and biological(More)
Comparative quantitative structure-activity relationship studies on para-substituted aromatic sulphonamides carbonic anhydrase II (CAII) inhibitors are reported in this paper. The study is made utilizing (i) information indices along; (ii) distance-based and connectivity indices and (iii) combination of information, distance-based and connectivity type(More)
Analgesic activity (log IC) of a large series of 97 analgesics was modelled topologically using a series of distance-based topological indices. The results show that analgesic activity (log IC) exhibit inter familial correlation and these can only be modelled by splitting 97 analgesics into five different categories. The regression analyses of the data show(More)
Present paper deals with the examination of Balaban F and G indices for estimating 13C NMR chemical shift sums of alkanes. Set of 66 alkanes were used for this purpose, which have been divided into training set (50 compounds) and test set (16 compounds). The results have shown that Balaban G Index along with connectivity indices yields the best model. The(More)
The terms bioaccumulation and bioconcentration refer to the uptake and build-up of chemicals that can occur in living organisms. Experimental measurement of bioconcentration is time-consuming and expensive, and is not feasible for a large number of chemicals of potential regulatory concern. A highly effective tool depending on a quantitative(More)
Recently Balaban has introduced a J-type G index for modeling those properties/activities where not only the “shape” but also size of the graph influences the property/activity of organic compounds acting as drugs. Here, for the first time G index has been used for modeling the pancreatic β-cell KATP channel openers viz(More)