Padmakar K. Dixit

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A simple instrument is described which measures the breaking strength of rat bones. The apparatus yields reproducible results and is suitable for use in measuring the strength of bones from both large and small animals. Diabetic rat femurs were more fragile and required less force to break in contrast to those from diabetic rats treated with insulin or(More)
Seventy-seven clinically normal children with kidneys of normal size were examined sonographically. Renal parenchymal volumes were calculated and related to age, height, body weight and body surface area; growth charts were constructed. A significant correlation was found between the renal parenchymal volume and the body somatometric parameters. The present(More)
Diabetes results in osteoporosis, which is characterized by a loss of bone calcium, and thinness of bone shaft. Bone is a major reservoir of calcium and citrate in the body. In this report the effect of diabetes on the deposition of calcium and citrate into rat bones is studied. When [1-5-14C]citrate (50µCi/kg body wt.) was injected intravenously, the bones(More)
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