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The apical membrane antigen 1 of Plasmodium falciparum is one of the leading candidate antigens being developed as a vaccine to prevent malaria. This merozoite transmembrane protein has an ectodomain that can be divided into three subdomains (D I, D II, and D III). We have previously expressed a major portion of this ectodomain and have shown that it can(More)
In this paper a cooperative and supportive neural network proposed recently is considered. Time delays both in transmission of information from subsystems to main system as well as processing of information in subsystem itself are introduced into the network. Criteria on parameters of the system are obtained that establish the stability of the system(More)
Target tracking is one of the important applications of Wireless Senor Networks. This paper presents the various techniques used for the target tracking in WSN. The analysis of each technique is presented along with its advantages and disadvantages. This paper presents an overview of target tracking using wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we present(More)
— This paper presents the need to operate the power system economically and with optimum levels of voltages has further led to an increase in interest in Distributed Generation. In order to reduce the power losses and to improve the voltage in the distribution system, distributed generators (DGs) are connected to load bus. To reduce the total power losses(More)
In many countries, high-tech manufacturers concentrate in industry parks. Survey results suggest that 92% of interruption at industrial facilities is voltage sag related. An inrush mitigation technique is proposed and implemented in a synchronous reference frame sag compensator controller. The voltage sag compensator consists of a three phase voltage source(More)
Digitization has immense potential to store, preserve, disseminate and redistribute cultural materials, if the materials are captured in a bit stream format so as to enable to access through network for learning and understanding the history and culture of a civic society. Generally these materials are stored in museums or in libraries, but they can be(More)
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