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BACKGROUND AND AIM This study was formulated to evaluate and estimate the influence of various denture base resin surface pre-treatments (chemical and mechanical and combinations) upon tensile bond strength between a poly vinyl acetate-based denture liner and a denture base resin. MATERIALS AND METHODS A universal testing machine was used for determining(More)
A hybrid denture is one that is fabricated over a metal framework and retained by screws threaded into the implant abutments. The anterior part of a mandibular hybrid denture is fixed on implants while the posterior part of the denture is extended and cantilevered from implants. This article presents the fabrication of a maxillary over-denture opposing(More)
Rehabilitation of a patient with severely worn dentition after restoring the vertical dimension is a complex procedure and assessment of the vertical dimension is an important aspect in these cases. This clinical report describes the full mouth rehabilitation of a patient who was clinically monitored to evaluate the adaptation to a removable occlusal splint(More)
BACKGROUND Candidal colonization in complete denture wearers is a commonly encountered condition that worsens in the presence of untreated Diabetes Mellitus. The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation between oral candidiasis in denture-bearing mucosa and elevated blood glucose levels in complete denture wearers and to evaluate the effect of oral(More)
BACKGROUND Ceramic fracture in metal ceramic restorations are serious and pose an aesthetic and functional dilemma both for the patients and the dentist. This has created a demand for the development of practical repair options which do not necessitate the removal and remake of entire restorations. AIM To evaluate and compare the effect of four different(More)
BACKGROUND The objectives of this study were to evaluate the prevalence of edentulousness, patient's perception on dietary changes resulting from tooth loss and to identify the disparity between actual and patient perceived need to replace missing teeth in an elderly rural population in south India. METHODS A cross sectional study using the systematic(More)
PURPOSE This study was formulated to evaluate and compare stresses around endosseous implants in various normal and fibula reconstructed mandibular models using finite element analysis method. MATERIALS AND METHODS CT scan data of a completely edentulous patient and a fibula reconstructed patient was made and the Dicom images were used to design 3-D(More)
Bonding of ceramic to the alloy is essential for the longevity of porcelain fused to metal restorations. Imported alloys used now a days in processing them are not economical. So this study was conducted to evaluate and compare the bond strength of ceramic material to nickel based cost effective Nonferrous Materials Technology Development Center (NFTDC),(More)
Soft denture liners act as a cushion for the denture bearing mucosa through even distribution of functional load, avoiding local stress concentrations and improving retention of dentures there by providing comfort to the patient. The objective of the present study was to compare and evaluate the tensile bond strengths of silicone-based soft lining materials(More)
Sublingual mode of drug administration is one of the fastest and predictable methods of drug delivery to the patient. Some patients, due to the pathological or psychological reasons, experience considerable difficulty in retaining the sub-lingual tablets. Therefore, often they either swallow or chew the sublingual tablets, thus reducing the efficacy of the(More)