Padhraig Gormley

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In systems biology, molecular interactions are typically modelled using white-box methods, usually based on mass action kinetics. Unfortunately, problems with dimensionality can arise when the number of molecular species in the system is very large, which makes the system modelling and behavior simulation extremely difficult or computationally too(More)
A major challenge when attempting to model biochemical reaction networks within the cell is that the dimensionality can become huge, where a large number of molecular species can be involved even in relatively small networks. This investigation attempts to infer models of these networks using a co-evolutionary algorithm that reverse engineers differential(More)
PURPOSE These studies were undertaken to establish an animal model for use in studies of ocular toxoplasmosis. An animal model is needed to examine the development, progression, and resolution of ocular Toxoplasma infections and to study the effects on the disease of currently used and experimental therapies. METHODS Cysts of the ME 49 strain of(More)
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