Paddy Fleming

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Injuries to the sciatic nerve are an occasional complication of surgery to the hip and acetabulum, and traction is frequently the causative mechanism. In vitro and animal experiments have shown that increased tensile strain on peripheral nerves, when applied for prolonged periods, impairs nerve function. We have used video-extensometry to measure strain on(More)
The radial nerve penetrates the lateral intermuscular septum of the arm before dividing into deep and superficial branches. It may be encountered in both anterior and posterior approaches to the humerus. An ability to accurately predict the point at which the nerve pierces the septum would be valuable during surgery in the arm, and would facilitate planning(More)
Dental caries in young children remains a public health problem particularly for children whose families are socioeconomically deprived. A child's first dental visit should be at approximately 12 months of age and this should facilitate the provision of anticipatory guidance concerning oral health and dental development to the child's parents/guardians.(More)
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