Padam Singh

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BACKGROUND A public that is an informed partner in clinical research is important for ethical, methodological, and operational reasons. There are indications that the public is unaware or misinformed, and not sufficiently engaged in clinical research but studies on the topic are lacking. PARTAKE - Public Awareness of Research for Therapeutic Advancements(More)
This study investigated the hypothesis that serum antibodies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis present in naturally infected healthy subjects of a tuberculosis (TB) endemic area could create and/or sustain the latent form of infection. All five apparently healthy Indian donors showed high titres of serum antibodies against M. tuberculosis cell membrane(More)
BACKGROUND Worldwide, the case notification rate of tuberculosis has been reported to be higher for men than women. In India also, the prevalence of TB is higher among males as compared to females but it is important to study the trend of gender gap in the prevalence of tuberculosis over the years. OBJECTIVE To examine the trend in gender gap in the(More)
BACKGROUND Vitamin D deficiency is common in Indian patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) on maintenance hemodialysis (MHD), but optimal dose of cholecalciferol is unclear. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 45 consenting patients were randomized to intervention and control groups. In the intervention group, patients (n = 35) with serum 25-hydroxy(More)
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