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The societal benefits of hydropower systems (e.g., relatively clean electrical power, water supply, flood control, and recreation) come with a cost to native stream fishes. We reviewed and synthesized the literature on hydropower-related pulsed flows to guide resource managers in addressing significant impacts while avoiding unnecessary curtailment of(More)
In California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin estuary, environmental protection and habitat restoration efforts directed at a threatened native osmerid, the delta smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus), are complicated by the presence of a morphologically similar non-native congener, the wakasagi (H. nipponensis), transported to the estuary from upstream reservoirs. In(More)
We have examined whether two recently isolated forms of tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) prolactin exert similar effects on osmoregulatory physiology. The effects of salinity, hypophysectomy, and replacement therapy with tilapia prolactins on whole-animal transepithelial potential (TEP), gill Na+, K+-ATPase activity, and plasma ions were determined. When(More)
Dietary mercury when administered to young chickens via the drinking water depressed growth, increased the rate of mortality and inhibited the normal maturation of the adrenal glands. Additionally, deficiencies of cholesterol and corticosterone were demonstrated in the adrenals. The exogenous administration of 0.5 or 1.5 mg. of corticosterone/100 gm. of(More)
Three trials were conducted using commercial broiler cockerels to determine the immunological consequences of passive transfers of immune sera to bursectomized chickens. The data illustrate that passive transfers of immune sera to juvenile chickens which had been surgically bursectomized immediately after hatching caused a suppression of the primary(More)
Exogenous corticosterone at the levels of 0, 2, 4, or 8 mug./100 ml. in excess of physiological levels did not affect the in vitro reactivity of chicken anti-SRBC hemagglutinins. These results suggest that immunosuppression which results via stimulation of the adrenal cortex is not attributable to a direct effect of corticosterone on antibody reactivity.
Specific immunosuppression, caused by the passive transfer of immune sera, and non-specific immunosuppression, caused by ACTH, were investigated for possible interactions. The data confirm earlier studies which show that both types of suppression when administered independently cause reductions in humoral immune responsiveness. However, when both(More)
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