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In this paper, we propose a parallel processing model based on systolic computing merged with concepts of evolutionary algorithms. The proposed model works over a Graphics Processing Unit using the structure of threads as cells that form a systolic mesh. Data passes through those cells, each one performing a simple computing operation. The systolic(More)
The authors stress the advantages of using a microtelemanipulator in the surgical area where high precision is mandatory. They first describe the SMOS (stereotaxical microtelemanipulator for ocular surgery) mechanical structure and the related control interfaces. Also presented is a comparative study of communication means aimed at finding the most(More)
BACKGROUND Rickettsioses, ehrlichioses and anaplasmoses are caused by Gram negative obligate intracellular bacteria and transmitted mainly by arthropods. AIM To detect and perform the molecular characterization of these pathogens in ticks and domestic dogs in Bahia Blanca City (Buenos Aires, Argentina). METHODS Fifty six blood samples from dogs and 82(More)
INTRODUCTION Best clinical practice for patients with suspected catheter-related infection (CRI) remains unclear according to the latest Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines. Thus, the objective of this study was to analyze clinical practice concerning the central venous catheter (CVC) and its impact on prognosis in patients with(More)
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