Pablo V Uceda

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Three thousand sixty-six patients underwent cardiopulmonary bypass at the Maimonides Medical Center over a 5-year period from January 1, 1987, to January 1, 1992. Of these patients, 1,890 (62%) were less than 70 years of age, 969 (32%) ranged from 70 to 79 years of age, and 207 (7%) were 80 years of age or older. The overall 30-day mortality rate was 8%.(More)
A technique of transthoracic intraaortic balloon pump insertion and a clinical experience with 14 patients is reported. The technique of transthoracic intraaortic balloon pump insertion can be done in a rapid and atraumatic fashion. A short prosthetic graft is used, and intraaortic balloon pump removal does not require resternotomy. The technique is a safe(More)
Paraplegia as a consequence of spinal cord ischemia associated with procedures on the thoracic and thoracoabdominal aorta has been linked to the interaction of proximal hypertension with elevated cerebrospinal fluid pressure (CSFP) during aortic cross-clamping (AXC). CSFP reduction via cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drainage is thought to significantly prolong(More)
BACKGROUND This retrospective study identifies often overlooked anatomical sites for nonthrombotic venous outflow obstruction (NTVO) in patients with unexplained lower extremity edema and pain. METHODS We reviewed the charts of 75 consecutive patients experiencing symptoms of unexplained lower extremity edema with pain that were unexplained by ultrasound,(More)
Introduction The office-based endovascular facility has increased in number recently due in part to expedient patient experience. This study analyzed treatment outcomes of procedures performed in our office-based endovascular suite. Methods Treatment outcomes of 5134 consecutive procedures performed in our office-based endovascular suites from 2006 to 2013(More)
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