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In this paper, we present a machine learning system for classifying subject ellipsis in Spanish as either referential or non-referential. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt to automatically identify non-referential ellipsis in Spanish. An evaluation of our system against 6,827 finite verbs shows an accuracy of 87%.
In this paper, we describe the algorithm that has been used to carry out our plagiarism detection within the context of PAN10 competition. Our system is based on the LempelZiv distance, which is applied to extract structural information from texts. Then the algorithm tries to find outliers in the vector of distances between each fragment of the text and the(More)
The technology for business rule based systems faces two important challenges: standardization and integration within conventional software development lifecycle models and tools. Despite the standardization effort carried out by international organizations, commercial tools incorporate their own flavours in rule languages, making difficult the migration(More)
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