Pablo Stevenson

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Loch Etive is a fjordic system on the west coast of Scotland. The deep waters of the upper basin are periodically isolated, and during these periods oxygen is lost through benthic respiration and concentrations of dissolved manganese increase. In April 2000 the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Autosub was fitted with an in situ dissolved manganese(More)
Seeds of many plant species are secondarily dispersed by dung beetles, but the outcome of this interaction is highly context-specific. Little is known about how certain anthropogenic disturbances affect this plant-animal interaction. The aims of this study were to assess the effect of dung type on secondary dispersal by dung beetles in a forest fragment,(More)
The carbon plasma gun is commonly used as a source of dense plasma for plasma opening switches. The plasma is produced by the surface flashover of an insulator, although an even distribution is difficult to achieve when overall space restrictions limit the number of guns that can be employed. This paper describes a novel ring gun that, in addition to(More)
G. Hanya (, Primate Research Inst., Kyoto Univ., Inuyama JP-484-8506, Japan. P. Stevenson, Depto de Ciencias Biológicas, Univ. de los Andes, CO-4976 Bogotá, Columbia. M. van Noordwijk and C. van Schaik, Anthropology Inst. and Museum, Univ. of Zurich, CH-8057 Zurich, Switzerland. S. Te Wong, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre,(More)
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