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We provide in this article a branch-and-bound algorithm that solves the problem of finding the k closest pairs of points (p,q), p ∈ P,q ∈ Q, considering two sets of points in the euclidean plane P, Q stored in external memory assuming that only one of the sets has a spatial index. This problem arises naturally in many scenarios, for instance when the set(More)
The reliability of ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC- MS/MS) for high throughput screening in anti-doping control has been tested. A method to screen for the presence of diuretics and other doping agents in urine has been optimised and validated. The extraction procedure consisted of an alkaline extraction (pH(More)
An anisotropic damage model for soft fibered tissue is presented in this paper, using a multi-scale scheme and focusing on the directionally dependent behavior of these materials. For this purpose, a micro-structural or, more precisely, a microsphere-based approach is used to model the contribution of the fibers. The link between micro-structural(More)
Endothelial cells are key units in the regulatory biological process of blood vessels. They represent an interface to transmit variations on the fluid dynamic changes. They are able to adapt its cytoskeleton, by means of microtubules reorientation and F-actin reorganization, due to new mechanical environments. Moreover, they are responsible for initiating a(More)
Automated support for proving integrity constraints (ICs) on deductive database update speciications is developed using an induction theorem prover, Rewrite Rule Laboratory (RRL) 6]. The approach proposed by Reiter 9, 11, 10] for solving the frame problem for such applications in a language of the situation calculus is used as a basic framework. Integrity(More)
Evolutionary processes in biological tissue, such as adaptation or remodeling, represent an enterprising area of research. In this paper, we present a multiscale model for the remodeling of fibered structures, such as bundles of collagen fibrils. With this aim, we introduce a von Mises statistical distribution function to account for the directional(More)
The goal of this work consists in a quantitative analysis and constitutive modelling of ageing processes associated to plaque formation in mice arteries. Reliable information on the characteristic evolution of pressure-stretch curves due to the ageing effects is extracted from previous inflation test experiments. Furthermore, characteristic age-dependent(More)
We improve on anO(n5 log n) algorithmbyKats and Levner [V. Kats, E. Levner, A polynomial algorithm for 2-cyclic robotic scheduling, in: Gelbukh, Reyes-García (Eds.), Proceedings of MICAI’06, in: LNAI, vol. 4293, Springer Verlag, 2006, pp. 439–449] for 2-cyclic robotic scheduling. We provide in this work an O(n2 log n) algorithm for this problem. © 2008(More)
Arterial hypertension is a chronic medical condition associated with an elevated blood pressure. Chronic arterial hypertension initiates a series of events, which are known to collectively initiate arterial wall thickening. However, the correlation between macrostructural mechanical loading, microstructural cellular changes, and macrostructural adaptation(More)
One of the most important steps in obtaining a relational model from legacy systems is the extraction of functional dependencies (FDs) through data mining techniques. Several methods have been proposed for this purpose and most use direct search methods that traverse the search space in exponential time in the number of attributes of the relation. As it is(More)